A Music Technology Company

Preferenda is an Austin-based software company uncovering why music is liked or disliked. Using a proprietary interface that integrates with major music streaming platforms, Preferenda collects feedback from listeners as music is played. This feedback is aggregated into a central database and made available to users for review.

Beyond a simple "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" voting feature, Preferenda enables listeners to indicate precisely what is liked or disliked at a specific point in time. For example, a listener may note that she likes a guitar solo one minute and nineteen seconds into a song. Providing easily-selected menu items instead of relying on text comments allows Preferenda to identify listener preferences with greater accuracy and efficiency.


A Modern Songwriting Tool

Preferenda supplies musical artists with a plethora of information related to listener preferences. Artists can choose to rely upon this information when writing songs, perhaps adapting their music to include more of what listeners like, or less of what listeners dislike. By taking a big data approach in aggregating listener feedback, Preferenda can identify unbiased trends that go undetected in smaller sample sizes.

Accessed through a user-friendly portal, listener likes and dislikes are plotted as positive and negative data points along a horizontal time axis representing the duration of a song. An intuitive color-coded display, as well as an ability to filter information, makes it easy for artists to associate likes and dislikes with specific song elements.

Between musical artists, Preferenda serves as a communication tool for collaborative songwriting. For example, band members can use Preferenda to bounce song ideas off of each other and solicit arrangement-specific feedback in real time. Giving artists a choice as to who can provide feedback allows artists to keep things private or open up the songwriting process to the public, including their fans.



Improved Algorithms

Preferenda's feedback interface seamlessly integrates with "thumbs-up" and "thumbs-down" buttons featured on most digital music players. A pop-up menu enables listeners to quickly select song elements that they like or dislike without interruption of playback. Instrument-specific options help Preferenda obtain the information that is most useful to songwriters.

In exchange for incorporating this feedback interface into music players, Preferenda provides streaming platforms with access to listener feedback generated on their respective platforms. Streaming platforms use this information to refine their music recommendation algorithms and customize radio playlists. Delivering highly-relevant content increases listener satisfaction and retention rates in a competitive music streaming market.



A Tailored Experience

Music listeners truly reap the rewards of Preferenda's information system. As consumers, listeners enjoy knowing music is crafted with their preferences in mind. Contributing feedback to their favorite artists during the songwriting process is an intimate and rewarding fan experience.

In the streaming context, Preferenda's listener feedback is used to fine tune playlists for listeners. By indicating exactly what they like and dislike about songs, listeners receive music that is directly relevant to their stated preferences. Preferenda improves the listener experience both in terms of customized radio playlists and with regard to spot-on suggestions for new music.



Trent McKenzie

Preferenda founder Trent McKenzie is committed to empowering music makers with useful information that is easy to understand. A songwriter himself, Trent understands the difficulty of communicating musical ideas to others, as well as the challenge of deciphering vague constructive feedback.


Trent has obtained a patent in support of Preferenda with several additional patent applications pending. Drawing from his experience as a patent agent, Trent prosecutes patent applications at cost and with strategy in mind. Preferenda's patented technology has widespread utility in countless other contexts such as video streaming, social media "like" and "dislike" buttons, and political polling applications, to name a few.


Trent holds an electrical engineering degree from NC State University, where the early idea for Preferenda won first place in a university-wide feasibility study competition. Trent is currently enrolled at The University of Texas School of Law in Austin and can be reached at